Why tracking cash flow is important

It is important to track your cash flow and business performance on an on-going basis.

Tracking your performance can also help you:

  • notice when you are getting off track and act early
  • operate profitably and continue to generate positive cash flow
  • make changes to improve cash flow in a timely manner
  • make informed decisions
  • gather and analyse comprehensive information to prepare reports
  • review past performance and make plans to improve your business
  • use reliable financial details to track your business
  • reach your financial and business goals.

Once you know your cash flow targets you can divide them into weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal targets in order to compare them against your actual or real cash flow figures. This will also help you to monitor and address cash flow issues before it is too late.

It's good practice to track your performance regularly. Getting into this habit can help you plan ahead and make sure you always have money to cover your payments.