Other deductions records

Information your records need to show 

Examples of types of records

Other business expenses you pay for in cash, online, or using credit or debit cards, which you will claim as a tax deduction, including: 

  • salary, wages and super 
  • repairs, maintenance and replacement expenses 
  • operating expenses 
  • depreciating assets and capital expenses. 

Your records must show how you worked out the business proportion of relevant expenses.

  • Receipts 
  • Tax invoices 
  • Cheque book receipts 
  • Credit card vouchers 
  • Diaries to record cash expenses 
  • Purchase records from suppliers 
  • Work sheets for calculations 
  • Records of choice of super fund

Claiming small business tax deductions

Steps Progress

What are deductions and what can I claim?

5 mins

Accounting for private use of assets

9 mins

Expenses you can never deduct

1 mins

Expenses you can deduct over time

10 mins

Stock and asset records

5 mins

Expenses you can deduct immediately

5 mins

Other deductions records

1 mins

Motor vehicle deductions

4 mins

Motor vehicle deductions records

2 mins

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